Jericho-Gaza agreement, signed by Rabin

May 4, 1994
Agreement signed that formally begins Israel's withdrawal from Jericho and Gaza
Begins 7 year period of 
Daniel 9:27
February 7, 1997
Sacrifice and Oblation cease. Ramadan ends
1290 days to the end of the 2300th day of Daniel 8:14
March 9, 1997
Begin 42 months of Israel being trodden down by the first beast of Rev.13 which started with the Har Homa settlement in East, Jerusalem
1260 days to the end of the of 2300th day of Daniel 8:14 
September 15, 1997
Place Abomination of Desolation, the Ras-Al-Amud settlement commences with the take over of three buildings.
1290 days from the end of Daniel's 70th week
August 20, 2000
 The Peace Process is officially over. Begin preparations for the Battle of Armageddon which will last for 7 months .Read 42 months letter for further description. 
7 months to the end of 
Daniel's 70th week
2300 days finished
September 30, 2000
Rosh Hashanah
Blow the trumpet in Zion
Hosea 8:1-Joel 2:1-Jeremiah 4:4-7
Great Tribulation Imminent.
October 15-22, 2000
Feast of Tabernacles
5 months to the end of Daniel's 70th week - Rev.9
March 28, 2001
End of Daniel's 70th week
Begin cleansing of land as per Ezekiel 39
Burying of the dead-7 months 
Burning of war implements-
7 years

The conclusion of the matter: Continued denial of the Son of God will bring Eternal Damnation
Jesus is Lord!

The End Game

     There are many clues in the bible that point to the return of Jesus for his church, but there are equally as many stumbling blocks. I once said the 70th week timeline was a work in progress because of the many interpretations of various words that can cause errors. One thing is for sure everyday that passes within the 70th week of Daniel narrows the possibilities considerably.

     Arafat's persecution of Israel will last 42 months. The Peace Process will come to its conclusion around Aug.2000. An image will be erected of him  and he will be worshipped as a god. He will be known as their great deliverer, the one who reclaimed Jerusalem and Israel for the Muslims. After Syria and the Palestinians regain control of Jerusalem and the rapture occurs; a war will start in heaven. This war in heaven will end with Satan being kicked out and sent to the earth.


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