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The following Question and Answer was taken from a Yahoo Club called Parousia. Hopefully it will help explain in more detail a few common questions that any skeptics might have. I really don't know how much proof is enough. Nevertheless, I continue to provide it for them...

Initial Statement: 
We are now at the doorstep of our eternity Prophecy is being fulfilled daily.
Israel has finally left Lebanon and the war of Ezekiel 38 is at hand. 

First Reply: 
Nice link, but I hardly think we are in the tribulation now. 
I don't think Arafat is the antichrist. I think there will be no doubt or argument 
about who the antichrist is once he reveals himself. If we are in the tribulation, 
where are the two witnesses of Rev.11.

My Answer:
I did not say that Arafat was the anti-christ. Satan is the antichrist. Arafat is 
the beast of Rev.13.He is the one that an image will be made of by the false prophet.
There is a major difference in these three. The beast and the false prophet will already
be burning in the Lake of fire when Satan is cast into it After The Millennium. They will
be there 1000 years before Satan. This is plainly stated in Revelation.
As for the two witnesses. If they were hear now what makes you think you would know it.

Or who they are. Don't you think they would go about their ministry in a covert way. 
They would be dead long before there appointed time if they were to create a circus 
atmosphere. The Watchman of Ephraim... 

I forgot to add one thing. I observed things according to scripture as I seen them.
Some of these articles are a little dated. Please read the updates. I'm trying to show
by leaving them there that I am on the right track with this and almost nothing needs 
to be changed. Please read the article Little Horn as it is the best one to show who 
the beast is. The Little Horn is also the Beast. Neither one is Satan who wont be
revealed until after the Rapture. He has a very short time on this earth...
The Watchman of Ephraim

P.S. I have been trying for years to show people these things. It seems they would
rather believe fantasies though and pay more attention to guys like Van Impe who wait
for The Revived Roman Empire. This is why the LORD JESUS will come upon
them as a thief... 

Second Reply:
I looked over your website and have a few questions. First, when will the tribulation begin? Will the church be here for it? When do you think Christ will return? 

My Answer
The Great tribulation will officially begin when Syria attacks Israel. This is the 
war of Ezekiel 38. Read to the part where it says at the time when Gog comes against 
the land of Israel that God's fury shall come up in his face. All men and beasts shall 
shake at his presence. This is also the same time that Zion shall travail as a woman 
with child. Remember the statement you must be born again. It is explained further in 
Isaiah 66:6-11.The verse to remember is "for as soon as Zion travailed she brought 
forth her children. "Those children are us, Bible believing Christians.
The travail is the start of the War that Israel must endure for her punishment of 
disbelief. A nation will be born at once: All believers in Jesus.

Will the church be here for it?

You may see it start but you will not be here during the worst of it. And certainly 
you wont be here at the same time Satan is. He will only be revealed to the non-believers after the rapture.

When will Christ Return?

Please refer to the 70th week timeline included on this site. Keep close watch on the Feast of Tabernacles in October 2000.

Third Reply:
Why do you believe it will happen this year? And please prove it scripturally. 

My Answer:
Let me see if I can try this another way. Do you know why Noah's ark can't be 
found on mount Ararat? Or any mountain for that matter. At least conclusively where 
it is common knowledge to the world. Jesus the God of heaven wants people to have Faith. If you could prove conclusively that the ark was there and could touch it you would have proof period of God's existence.
We know he is there and that the Bible is his word. Therefore I set out to do just that.
I tried to prove his existence and who he is conclusively:
That is Jesus Christ the Son of God.


I have used the numbers in Daniel 12 interlaced with the last seven year period to show
that the agreement on May 4,1994 was the start of the seven year period. No matter how you look at it Sept.13,1993 to Sept.13,2000 when the agreement is supposed to expire is also seven yrs. It says in Daniel 9:27 that the agreement will be confirmed with many ( RABIN ) for seven years. There are no agreements period with Rabin after Nov.4 1995. Why? because he was assassinated. If you add seven years to the end of his death you still arrive at the year 2002. But you must follow a timeline supplied in Daniel 9:27 in order to get the start date. Once you have the start date all you know is that the 7 year period has begun. God said you will not know the hour or the day...That is correct. Well we are more than six years deep into the seven year period and still no major war. Israel though may have a different opinion, they have went through hell these past six  years. They have lost land to Arafat and more recently to Lebanon. At last count you have approximately 9 months to the end of the 70th week and a war must happen, with Syria being the start of it. Syria and Israel at this time are both preparing for War. Syria lost its bargaining chip when Israel withdrew from Lebanon and is now trying to keep  Hezbollah and the Refugee Palestinians ready to keep pressuring Israel over a little parcel of land called the Sheba farms. Ezekiel 38 says that he will put hooks in his jaws and draw him out. This is certainly what will happen. Syria has lost all it's perceived moral power to continue war from Lebanon and now either has to get Hezbollah, the refugee Palestinians, or finally at last themselves to continue fighting. What Israel said will probably happen. Hezbollah will pressure the Sheba Farms and Israel will strike this time all targets even those of Syria. War will then be inevitable.

I have also shown who the players are that fit into the scenario by interpreting Old
Testament prophecy. Arafat who is the beast has very little time left for a negotiated peace. He is only given 42 months.His time will end on or before August 20, 2000.
An image will have to be made of him by the false prophet and worshipped. The false prophet doesn't receive his power until Satan returns to earth. Satan can't be revealed until the rapture of the church:2nd Thes. chap 2. The Beginning of the Great Tribulation coincides with the War with Syria. When Zion begins to travail the children will be delivered, Isaiah 66.Daniel 12 shows this also. There is one group of people missing here. When the great tribulation happens the dead will be raised and all the people found written in the book of life. Only the evil DEAD will be raised ,not the evil LIVING. This means that all non-believers who are alive at the time of great tribulation will be left here on earth to receive there punishment. Read Zephaniah chap.2 verses 1-2.
I hope some of this helps. Ephraim 

Last Reply:
Ephraim....don't bet the farm on it. No chance.

My Answer:
(I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink)

The Watchman of Ephraim