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Many prophecy scholars down through the centuries have pointed to the year 2000 as the area of time of Christ's return. There are quite a few good reasons to believe this is true. 2nd Peter 3:8 says it best. One day to the Lord is 1000 years. If the world was created in six days [six thousand years] and on the seventh God rested then there is no reason to believe that he will not follow the same pattern again. A careful study of years in the Old Testament show that roughly 4000 years passed from Adam to Jesus. Also Jesus was here roughly 2000 years ago. Therefore when the two are added together 6000 years comes around the year 2000 AD of the Roman calendar.

Daniel chapter 9:24 - 27 now begins to play an important part in this scenario. Many scholars have given a good explanation of Daniel's 70 weeks down through the years. There are 70 weeks where God is dealing with Israel .69 weeks have already happened. These weeks are weeks of years or 70 weeks times 7 days for a total of 490 years. 483 years have happened and ended with the crucifixion of Jesus. God's time clock stopped then. This leaves only seven years left. Roughly 2000 years passed by before it started again. 6000 years of time must happen before God takes his rest, the one thousand-year millennium. Therefore many scholars looked to the year 1993 for the Lord's return. 2000 - 1993 = 7. This was based on the idea that many believed they would be raptured before the covenant with death, Isaiah 28:15. The rapture didn't happen but the covenant with death did in September 1993.


Some prophecy scholars dismiss Daniel 9 and say that it has already happened. If he had already used the 490 years then he would have already been here. Daniel 9:24 are the events that will be finished at the end of 490 years. We have not yet anointed Jesus our king and everlasting righteousness does not exist. Furthermore, none of the events mentioned there have taken place. Some say that the time clock started again on September 13, 1993 when Rabin and Arafat signed the Declaration of Principles at the White House. Although this was a very good candidate for the start of the last seven years a definite timeline in Daniel 9:27 must be adhered to or it is wrong. I made this error in the first place along with many others. Daniel 9:27 says that a covenant was confirmed with many [Rabin] for a week. The covenant was confirmed on May 4,1994 with the signing of the Jericho-Gaza agreement when troops began their withdrawal. In other words the prior agreement was confirmed and implemented in good faith. Now when the figures of Daniel 12:11 {1290} are inserted after projecting forward seven years the timeline began to expose itself. By the way, 2520 was used as the figure for 7 years because that is the formula for the other 483 years. The figure is based on 30-day months. In other words, the prophecies concerning the other 483 years that have already occurred hit on the interval of 30-day months. Therefore the last seven are figured the same way. There is another place that shows there is seven last years but it is a little harder to see. Daniel 8:13 -14 says that Israel shall be trodden down for 2300 days and then the sanctuary shall be cleansed. 2300 plus the time it takes to cleanse the sanctuary is 7 years also. Daniel 8:13-14 is crucial in the understanding of the 70th week time line. When coupled together with Daniel 9:27 it proves the start date of the 2300 days to be correct. This is explained further in the 70th week time line .

 Daniel 12:11 says that there shall be 1290 days left after the sacrifice and oblation cease and the abomination of desolation is set up. Before the events actually happened most scholars grouped these two events together. I myself did the same. Circumstances later showed this was just conjecture. There are 1290 days left after the sacrifice and oblation cease to the end of the 2300th day. This day was February 7, 1997 and the end of Ramadan for Muslims. Many people thought this and had something to do with a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and the sacrifice of animals.

Now the same formula can be used to find the Abomination of Desolation from the last day of the 70th week. 1290 days from the end of the 70th week [or the last day of the seventh year] was the very reason for the soon coming war with Israel. Israeli zealots occupy the Arab neighborhood of Ras-al-amud. This is the Mt. of Olives. At around 11:00 PM Israeli time a group of Israeli's went in to occupy the homes of a Jewish landowner and the Muslims started rioting. This was the Abomination that makes Desolate being setup.

The reason I can claim that Arafat is the beast of Revelation 13 is because he was the person front and center when the dispute over Har Homa occurred. The beast is allowed 42 months to continue in his quest for the holy city Jerusalem; Rev. 11:2 and Rev.13: 5. The dispute happened at about the mid-point of the 70th week with only about 42 months left. Therefore he is the only person that can be the beast because there is not enough time for it to be anyone else. Arafat didn't exactly wage his war on the ground, although terrorist actions have helped him. He waged his war at the United Nations. Israel was condemned three times in landslide votes all in favor of Arafat. Revelation 13:7- he certainly has power given to him from the whole world. A war is soon to start. When Syria crosses the border of Israel joined by the rest of the Arab confederacy and Jerusalem is lost [This is also Mystery Babylon] the Rapture will happen.



3 signs of the End - by The Watchman of Ephraim

 In the years that I have been studying I have recognized 3 events that would begin to show the arrival time of Our Lord. If the dates on the 70th week timeline were correct I should have been able to see them unfold in the month of March 2000. They certainly did and now I will explain why.

Number 1- And he shall plant his tabernacles between the seas of the glorious holy mountain. This Last verse in Daniel 11 describes the following. Arafat in his frustration with his quest for East, Jerusalem has decreed that he will not meet any foreign dignitaries unless it is at the Orient House in East, Jerusalem.

Number 2- In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed. In that day also he shall come to you from Assyria. The construction of new walls and fortifications are now being erected on Israel's northern border with Lebanon. Also walls are are now being constructed in the city of Jerusalem for protection of Israeli settlements.

Number 3 - In a few places in the Old Testament it says that they ( the Arabs) will raise the ensign or flag . When this event occurs it says that the Lord will take his rest. His rest is the 1000 yr. millennium. It is equal to the 7th day of the week or the Sabbath day. One day to the Lord is 1000 years.