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Daniel's 70th Week by St. Christopher

There is only one sign in scripture that will confirm the beginning of the 70th and final week of the Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy. That is a "seven year" covenant.
On September 13th, 1993 a 7 year covenant (the 70th week) was signed between Yassir Arafat and Yitzchak Rabin. In fact, the treaty arrived in Israel as the shofar was being blown for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year on September 15th. Exactly when we should expect it to come.
This peace treaty was originally called the "Peace and Security Agreement". But terrorism has plagued the peace process. "While they are saying, "Peace and security!" then destruction will come upon them suddenly." 1 Thessalonians 5:3
Called the Oslo I & II accord, it is the ONLY 7 year peace covenant in all of history. It was witnessed by 3000 people, the largest crowd ever to attend the White House. Interestingly this is the same number that died when Moses brought the Law down from the mountain. It is the same number that were saved at Pentecost. Other sources tells us that 3000 lambs were brought into Jerusalem every Nisan 10th for Passover. In the middle of the agreement `Jerusalem 3000' celebrations continue.
The scripture also tells us who the two principle men are, who agree to this seven year covenant and who is the one who confirms it.
"He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven,..." Daniel 9:27 This scripture has a very clear message when read in Hebrew. The passage actually reads as "He will confirm a covenant with RABIN for one seven". The Hebrew phrase for "the many" is transliterated "la rabim". Today the equivalent "rabin" also means "many" just as "Peres" is taken from the Biblical "Phares" meaning, "divided".
Hebrew researchers discovered the other party to the agreement by examining the Torah Codes - scriptures that are expressed by equal distances of letters unique only to the Bible. Read Genesis 32:17-22. You will see that this passage records the peace making between Esau (Palestinians) and Jacob (Israel). Also encoded within this passage is the phrase "Arafat shook the hand of Rabin".
Again in the same passage is another encoded message. "Amir, murder, 3 shots, 2 bullets, Peres." Is it any coincidence that a man named "Amir", "murdered" Rabin, firing "3 shots" of which "2 bullets" hit and was succeeded by a man named "Peres"? Yet another encoded message was found in Deuteronomy 2:33 "Yitzchak Rabin will be assassinated".

Peres and Rabin were known for their scoffing at the scriptures. The Sabbath before Rabin's assassination, the Torah was read in Jewish synagogues worldwide. The reading, from Genesis, on Yahweh giving Canaan, later Israel, to Abraham. Rabin blasphemed the notion, claiming the Bible was not a land deed to Israel. The next day, Rabin was dead. Peres attended Rabin's funeral and further pledged to continue the peace process. In Peres' book, "Battling for Peace", he stated that the Oslo accord was made "so that the overwhelming scourge of war would pass us by". Many elements of the covenant were kept secret from the public until recently. Now consider what Isaiah prophesied considering the covenant.
"Therefore, hear the word of Yahweh, O scoffers, who rule this people who are in Jerusalem, because you have said `We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol {the grave} we have made a pact. The overwhelming scourge will not reach us when it passes by, for we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception." Isaiah 28:14-15
Isaiah again prophesied that terrorism would plague the peace process and that the covenant would be canceled. After the Purim bombing of 1997 of an Israeli cafe Arafat announced that the covenant had been annulled. Every day since there has been rioting in the streets of Israel and unpredictable terrorist attacks seizing the people with fear.
"And your covenant with death shall be canceled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand; when the overwhelming scourge passes through, then you will become it's trampling place. As often as it passes through it will seize you. For morning after morning it will pass through, anytime during the day or night, and it will be a sheer terror to understand what it means." Isaiah 28:18-19
Arafat has broken the agreement in many places and has lied to everyone that he has nothing to do with terrorism in Israel today. On the surface he spoke of peace but he would tell his people that he will annihilate the Jews and erase Israel as a nation and now is arming for war.
"He has put forth his hands against those who were at peace; he has violated his covenant. His speech was smoother than butter, but his heart was war, his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords. v23 But Thou, O Yahweh, will bring them down to the pit of destruction; men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days. But I will trust in thee." Psalm 55:21,23
Isaiah also prophesied the reason the peace process has broken down. The pressing need for more homes for Jews initiated the Har Homa {Mountain Wall} construction. This caused a violent reaction from the Palestinians forcing Israel to close it's borders. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insists on continuing the construction.
"The bed is too short in which to stretch out, and the blanket is too small to wrap oneself in. For Yahweh will rise up as at Har Perazim {Mountain of Breakthroughs}, He will be stirred up as in the Valley of Gibeon; to do His unusual task, and to work His work, His extraordinary work." Isaiah 28:21
It is an interesting comparison to what happened at Gibeon and Mount Perazim. Israel defeated the Philistines for land allowing Israel to return the ark of the covenant to the temple 2 Samuel 5:17-20. The Gibeonites offered a deceptive peace agreement that even after it's exposure was still honored by Joshua just as Netanyahu has tried to do.
As you read this 20 Arab nations, especially Syria and potentially Russia, are preparing to declare war on Israel specifically for control of Jerusalem. At Mecca this past week where 2 million Muslims celebrating, in great pilgrimage, the Feast of Sacrifices leaders called for the liberation of Jerusalem from the Jews. Just a few days later 70,000 of their tents were consumed with fire killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Quadaffi has just recently called for a holy war to regain Jerusalem. The peace process broke down just as the division and control of Jerusalem and it's holy sites {the temple mount} came up on the agenda. The result will be war and the start of the tribulation as Isaiah also foresaw.
"And now do not carry on as scoffers, lest your fetters {shackles} be made stronger; for I have heard from Yahweh of decisive destruction on all the earth."
"Behold I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. And it will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it." Zechariah 12:2-3
However it was covertly agreed in 1993 that Vatican would assume control of Jerusalem and the temple mount by A.D. 2000. Both Arafat and Netanyahu have recently visited the Pope who is scheduled to visit Jerusalem some time this year specifically to assist in the peace process.
There are many prophecies that call for the destruction of these nations for example Damascus, Syria {Isaiah 17:1-3} and all the nations from {Ezekiel ch.38-39}. Yahshua prophesied that there would be war and rumor of wars. And there has been no more an intense time for that than now.
"And when you hear of wars and rumors of war, do not be frightened; those things must take place, but that is not yet the end."
"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be earthquakes there will also be famines. These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs." Mark 13:7-8
Last month, parts of Japan endured 2600 midrange earthquakes over a 48 hour period. Last June the U.N. World Food Summit stated that if there were not bumper crops everywhere this year to make up for last year's crop failures - that there may be famine for up to 2 billion over the next few years.
Be prepared. The signs indicate that we are about in the middle of Daniel's 70th week. The next few messages will go further in confirming this possibility. Never before have we seen such prophetic fulfillment. There is much more to come.

Blessings, IHN, Christopher